Saturday, 10 January 2009

My First Post

Salam alaykum All,

Inshallah this blog has been started because I'm angry at whats happening to muslims in the UK and around the world, and I thought everyone else should hear it too! As far as I understand it, the situation is as follows :-

1. Muslims are blamed for everything from The Economy to Global Warming
2. The leaders of our countries are the ones causing most of the problems
3. The "west" are the ones responsible for the remainder
4. We, as fellow muslims, are responsible for ALL of them, because we stay quiet and don't try and change the situation
5. Only through dialogue and action are we ever going to stop the world heading in the direction it is now : an ever-decreasing spiral of negative press reports and violence that seems to be aimed squarely at the muslim ummah

I do enjoy a good rant, but stick with me and hopefully together we can get a solution to the problems we are all, muslim and non-muslim, facing

Walaykum Salam,

Huey P Muslim

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